Saturday, August 18, 2012

How to get free iTunes , amazon gift cards ?

There are a number of ways to get  amazon and iTunes gift cards and several paid apps for free , as the general rule " Nothing in this world comes free" applies here also , you need to do something to get those free. Certain sites may make you download and try free apps whereas few others make you recommend products to others. Here I will be going through 5 such sites that will help you to get those freebies. These five listings are not in any order or ranking ,but  I will be explaining their pros and cons in the description.

Reward apps for Android click here


Appbounty is a new reward app for ios , where you will be credited with points for every free sponsor app you download , and you can use that points to redeem gift cards like itunes , amazon.

How it works : 
1. Go to the Appbounty site on Safari on any ios device using the share code
you will be asked to enroll the device , "Enroll your device"

2.Install any of the sponsor apps in "Offers"

3.Run the downloaded app for atleast 30 seconds

4. Go back to the appbounty site and confirm credits added

5. Go to "Rewards" and check whether you can redeem any of the gift cards

Pros: Unlike my other reward apps , Appbounty allows usage of itunes GC in 3 countries US,UK,Germany

Cons: Redemption rates is little high , but as the reward app is new , there is ample chance for people to get invite credits by referring to friends.

Redemption rate 500 points = 1 Amazon GC 



Freeappslots is a  site where you need to try your luck to spin the slot  get points  , which can be used for redeeming paid apps or gift cards of amazon , iTunes, or even ipad and ipad mini.

Pros: Frequent addition of sponsor apps , good collection of latest paid apps for redemption, freeappdaily merged with freeappslots , so its here to stay. With good referrals you can get more spins a day which equals more chance to get more points. With a spin you can earn from 30 points to 1 million points , though 1 million is a rarity 10000 , 2500 are easily achievable if you are lucky. There are also sponsor apps which you can download to get free spins.

Cons: Nothing much , but its unpredictable.

Redemption rate :  You can get apps from 12000 points and Amazon GC 5$ at 55000 points , which infact are not that difficult to get , with handsome spins a week is enough.

Use the referral code
 for additional 5 spins when joining , note you will receive spins only when you download a sponsor app, once you join you can also refer other  people and get points.

3.Feature points


Feature points is similar to other reward apps in its working , you have to download a sponsor app and get points , use those points to redeem gift cards , paid apps and even paypal payout. What sets it apart from other apps is the way of referral , for referring Feature points to friends you will receive half the points for the sponsor apps your referred friend downloads, I think that's a good way of making sure your members stay active in the long run.

To sign up to Feature points use this link (use the link on an ios device)

Redemption rates 600 points = 1 $ Amazon GC , 6000 points = 10$ iTunes , 6000 = 10 $ paypal payout

4.Freemyapps  (

Freemyapps is similar to freeappsdaily in the mode of working , you will get credits for downloading and trying sponsor apps.

Pros: Frequent addition of sponsor apps

Cons: No paid apps are there for redemption like in FAD , here most are giftcards.

Use this invite on any ios device to get 200 credits on joining

Refer freemyapps to friends and get 200 extra credits to yourself after joining.

Redemption rate : 3000 credits = 10$ iTunes GC ,300 credits = 1$ amazon GC

(10$,15$,25$,50$ iTunes GC available)

Freemyapps is now available on android click here to download beta version

5.Appcasher (

Appcasher is a similar site like FAD and FMA, you will get GC by downloading and trying sponsor apps and referral.

Use my referral code "1703" for extra 500 points on joining .

Redemption rate 15000 points = 15$ iTunes GC

(15$,25$,50$ iTunes GC and  2$,5$,10$,25$,50$ amazon GC available)

6.Wikets (

Unlike the above 4 sites wikets will not make you download apps , here what you need to do is recommend products from sites like Amazon , ebay , app store to others and gets points. You are allowed to recommend 50 products daily so that you will get 50 points. Even if you recommended only 10 products , you may get more than 10 points if someone buys or  re-recommend that . You will also get points for buying items from these stores , which does not  have that 50 point daily limit.
You can redeem your first GC of 15$ without any purchases on wikets , but after that you can redeem only upto what you have spent through wikets. Simply they are asking you to spend through wikets, which is not really a problem as they have several stores like itunes, amazon, ebay, best buy , Barnes and Noble, Home Depot.

Pros : Easy to recommend

Cons : You need to do this on a regular basis and should make regular purchases through wikets on retailers like Amazon ,ebay, best buy ( which are usually the online stores everyone use)

You can also earn points by recommending this to friends , 100 points is awarded to both when one joins.

Redemption rate : 1500 points is the minimum point for redemption , 1500= 15$ amazon GC

Qualifying purchases after first 15$ redemption = total spent through wikets - total already redeemed.

(10$ - 100$ Amazon GC available plus GC from iTunes , Barnes & Noble , Ebay , Best Buy , Home Depot)


Gympact is not like any other app in terms of reward and how you get it , you have to agree to a work out pact for a week , like 5 days a week or 3 days a week then you will be rewarded for completing the pact , but if you don't, there is a price to pay like a 5 or 10$ per missed day of work out. Gympact has got local gym check in (location based ) Runkeeper integration (another app) and work out anywhere option . 

Pros: You are paid through paypal , so its money not any gift cards

Cons: The price you have to pay is bit heavy if you miss a day

What I suggest you to do is try a trial week with no credit card details involved .

Use my referral code "preacDamod" to get 5$ bonus on finishing first real pact (not the trial one)

Redemption rate : You will be rewarded from 1.5$ - 2 $ a week depending on the pact you take.


All the above mentioned where ios apps , and you definitely need an ios device to use them , but this one is a website that can be used on a PC to get gift cards. Unlike the usual download sponsor app protocol in ios , here it is watching videos , taking surveys that earn you coins.

Pros : Easily available to all , as it is a website that can be used on PC

Cons : Surveys are location based , so best suited for those in US , others will find getting a survey bit difficult

Redemption rate : 1 video viewing is worth 3 coins , coins gets converted to points when you have 50 coins
50 coins = O.25 points

For an Amazon 5$ GC , you need 5 points , that is 1000 coins
(You can also have paypal cash out , but this is only through contest winning and referral)

Other GCs available are iTue,Playstation,Xbox,Facebook , Zynga , and more...

Referral code : use this for joining to get extra benefits on joining

9.Bing (

Bing is microsoft's answer to google search , as google is galaxies away in terms of traffic microsoft added a reward program to bing for US citizens

What you have to do?
Do 30 searches a day , which will give you 15 bing points

You can redeem bing points for amazon giftcards, hulu subscription, xbox microsoft points, skype credits

Making bing your default search engine , will make 30 searches a day a cakewalk, so no much work needs to be done
Plenty of redeemable items , which are useful also like skype US 1 month subscription , 60 min world skype credits for a mere 100 points , which is roughly 7 days of searchng..

Only for US

Use this share code to join bing

Bottom line :

There are several sites like this , with wise usage you can get a lot of GCs and paid apps absolutely free. 

There is nothing illegal in it , need just an ios device(exception Prizerebel) and a US iTunes account  (needed in some apps) , with little effort more than 30$ can be easily made in a month. During the last 1 1/2 months I redeemed few apps plus around 50$ Amazon GC ,  and have an unredeemed 20$ iTunes GC from wiket.

Update : 09/28/2012 Today I crossed 100$ in my amazon gift card balance purely from these ios reward apps

You don't have anything to lose , so just try it out .... :)

(Kindly post your questions in the comments section , I will be more than happy to answer them )